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What is a Moissanite?


Moissanite Ever heard of it?  Maybe you’ve heard it described as, “man-made diamonds” or “lab created stone”. That’s partly true. But not 100%. It’s a stone made of a mineral called silicon carbide believed to have been carried to Earth in a meteorite 50,000 years ago in trace amounts; silicon carbide has now been created in a painstaking laboratory process and then hand faceted by gem cutters. With excellent hardness and superior toughness, Moissanite is more durable than diamond and an optimal choice for jewelry that will truly endure.
We now have a selection of some of our most popular ring settings set with moissanites ! They are absolutely stunning and the price can’t be beat!

 Durability: Diamond is the hardest substance known to mankind, ranked as 10 on Moh’s hardness scale but moissanite is the second hardest jewel at 9.25 on Moh's scale. It outranks Diamond in overall toughness because its atomic structure does not have a direction of cleavage like diamond does. It can also withstand exposure to chemicals and temperature. It has a higher vaporization temperature than diamond.

Feel free to ASK any questions you have, or come in and see our selection of Moissanite rings or any jewellery. We have some beautiful engagement rings ranging in price from $39 to $9999….. want a diamond but can’t quite afford what you want? Get a beautiful Forever Sparkling Moissanite that will stand the test of time and wear!


Beauty, Durability and Rarity :

The Beauty of a jewel is judged on three components: brilliance, luster, and fire. Brilliance arises from the jewel's refractive index and is a measure of how much light that enters the jewel is reflected back to the viewer. Luster measures how much light is reflected off the surface of the jewel. Moissanite has a higher refractive index than diamond and reflects back several times as much light from the surface and heart of the jewel. Fire is a measure of dispersion and how intensely light that enters the jewel is split into the colors that make up the visual spectrum. The result of a jewel's fire is the sparkling color flashes you see when it is moved. Moissanite's dispersion is over twice that of diamond, which results in a breathtaking display of colors when Moissanite jewelry is worn.

A jewel’s Durability is measured by its hardness and toughness, which are tested by observing resistance to scratching, chipping, and cleaving. The durability of a jewel is extremely important to how much fire and brilliance it possesses. The more durable the jewel, the more facets that can be cut into the face of the stone and the more intensely they can be polished. The durability of Moissanite makes it possible to craft the jewel in order to maximize the observed brilliance and fire.

The Rarity of a stone is determined by its natural occurrence and availability. Moissanite is by far the rarest jewel on Earth and is available only after a century of research and a process that blends elements of art and science to produce the jewels.





Moissanite production Process



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